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The President of the Faith International School, USA-Ghana Alumni has appealed to all clergymen in Ghana and beyond to adopt a lifestyle of self-defense and to ensure proper security practices in their daily lives in dealings with the public instead of only relying on prayer as a the means of protection from danger.

This he said will keep them safe from being hurt by their detractors.

He was speaking to a group of journalists at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Ghana International Pastors and Ministers conference (IPMC) in Accra yesterday 25th, August.

Rev.  Dr. Biney who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Security Network Limited, a Ghanaian Private Security Company has bemoaned   the so called faith that most pastors argued about as holy and pious considering themselves as “untouchable beings” without ensuring that they have to undergo some form of security training which he believes will grant them the edge over staying out of trouble over the recent wave of crime creeping gradually into some churches in Ghana

He condemn the act,   describing it as “foolish faith”  ” I will call it foolish faith, we have the true faith and the foolish faith because God in his own wisdom gave us the wisdom, even in James chapter 1verse 5, God said if you don’t have wisdom to do what you are doing ask me “he noted.

He further explained citing an example of the situation, “Supposing we are here under this program and all of a sudden armed robbers stormed here with guns in your ears saying deny Christ or not, I tell you, you can imagine what will happen. Do you have to say that as a Pastor you will be speaking in tongues with the gun on you?  that is foolishness, you see the only way for you to stay out of trouble is to do whatever they have demanded of you for the sake of your life, just do it” he stressed.

According to him, prayer is the key but wisdom must be applied. “I believe in prayer, prayer is my hallmark, prayer is my key but then you cannot tell me that I’m protected without applying my wisdom” he emphasized.

He therefore admonished pastors to wake up from that so called “state of faith attitude” and take precautionary measures  of their lives by adhering to security measures which will equip them to rise against any weapons of destruction fashion against to destroy their lives both physically and spiritually

He underscored the need for pastors, priests and church leaders to maintain the proper security measures first in addition to seeking the face of God before accepting invitation to attend crusades, seminars and prayer camps.

He said prayer is powerful but the use of wisdom which is God-given talent must be applied in everyday life as the key to securing their lives from danger.

Rev. George Abaidoo  disclosed the 2014 International Pastors and Ministers Conference (IPMC) was poorly patronized due to a low turn up of participants from the neighboring countries due to the Ebola scare situation the country face currently which restricts border crossing movements.

He advised the general public to adopt a healthy lifestyle coupled with a strong prayer life which he believes is the remedy to the deadly Ebola disease outbreak.

The IPMC-Ghana program began last year with the focus on addressing issues that expedite the great Commission of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile, the theme for this year’s conference is Kingdom Impact “Finishing the Unfinished task” and is scheduled to last for four days.


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