Home Business Budget Cash & Carry declares blue jeans energy drink safe for public consumption
Budget Cash & Carry declares blue jeans energy drink safe for public consumption

Budget Cash & Carry declares blue jeans energy drink safe for public consumption


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Budget Cash and Carry, Nana Egyir Aggrey has allayed public fears on the safety of its product; Blue Jeans Energy Drink declaring it as harmless and of good quality for public consumption.He made this known at a press briefing in Accra held at the Holiday Inn Hotel on Monday, January 23, 2017.

Budget Cash & Carry, importers of Blue Jeans Energy Drink has been in the news for the bad reasons lately following a misconception created by a video content which has gone viral on social media suggesting the content of 250ml Cans Blue Jeans Energy Drink bearing an image of a Santa Claus and having wrap-around sticker labels is fake and could be injurious to human health.

The issue  has generated huge controversy between some section of the public despite all attempt by the company to resolve the problem through media announcements.

It has caught the attention of the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) who quickly responded by issuing a press release to correct the misconception and directed Budget Cash and Carry to withdraw the said product from the market which it has since complied.

But explaining the controversy surrounding the whole saga, Head of Legal Department of Budget Cash and Cary, sole importers of blue jeans energy drink, Lawyer George Eshun said the genesis of the whole problem began when the company realized it could not meet the deadline for shipments for the Christmas in view of delays in getting lithographically labeled blue jeans cans with the original features which it is noted for hence the need for using the 250ml cans with Santa Claus having wrap-around sticker labels.

“We therefore had to agree to have the beverage packaged in other cans produced by the same manufacturer of Blue Jeans Energy Drink and to have a form of secondary labeling bearing our features and details, hence the wrap – around sticker labels shown in the video” he noted.

Lawyer Eshun referred to the incident as “a production challenge regarding the supply of special cans (250ml) with features for the yuletide resulted in a decision which unfortunately has not been accepted by some section of the public, in spite of all efforts made to address the problem publicly through the media”.

He noted the content of the Blue Jeans Energy Drink in the 250ml cans is a product of Budget Cash and Carry which is safe and of good quality therefore not a fake product as the video seemed to suggest.

He however, assured the public of the company’s readiness to comply with  the directives of FDA in all investigations it may further wish to conduct adding, “We hereby recall all Blue Jeans Energy Drink particularly the 250ml cans and call on all our distributors to return them to our warehouse.”

The Budget Cash and Carry is the sole importer and distributor of Blue Jeans Energy Drink in Ghana for the past twenty years.  The company has also been noted for importing other top class brand of beverages which has attracted huge patronage from the public over the years.


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