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BOLERO: Discover the sweetest powder in sachet that makes delicious drinks


Amazing Bolero in sachet makes variety of wonderful drinks for everyone.

‘Bolero’ is out of  poster for now in Ghana unlike in Europe where it has been a popular brand for over 20 years.

But there’s something  so unique about it that you don’t seem to know for now.Until you discover for yourself, the better.

But I tell you one thing, discovering the secret of Bolero will make you fall in love forever

Bolero has the power to make your most delicious drink(s) whenever mixed well with water. It comes in boxes containing 12 individual sachets.  The regular size contains enough mix to create 1.5 litres of your refreshing drink. The stick contains enough mix to create 750miligramme(ml) of refreshing drink.

Dorothy, E/R Distributor of Bolero

I felt so enchanted when I chanced upon a sachet of ‘Bolero’ nicely displayed on a stand on my school campus.

Not  even the colorful design of it’s label got me attracted but the fact is, I was just curious about knowing  more about the usefulness of it’s content.

After asking several questions, the beautiful lady behind  the stand told me  it is a powder in a sachet I can mix with water  up to the size of 1.5 litre bottle equal  to the measurement of the large-sized bottle of Voltic Mineral to make my own tasty drink.

She explained that apart from its delicious taste,  I also stand a chance  to gain enormous health benefit from it. In actual fact I was blown away; my mind was completely gone all of a sudden.

I finally developed  a strong love for the Strawberry flavor of  🍓 ‘Bolero’  after  taking just a sip from a tumbler in which I was served  by that nice lady called Dorothy.

‘Bolero’ comes in different  flavors ranging from Ginger,  Mandarin,  Mango,  Pineapple, Orange 🍊, grapefruit, watermelon 🍉 etc.  Of course it can arguably  boast of almost 45 mouth-watering flavors.

Undeniably, ‘BOLERO’ comes with variety of benefits. For example,  it’s Orange flavor is specifically formulated to rehydrate anyone who drinks it after exercise. Not to talk about it’s Energy flavoured drink which is highly formulated to energize pre-workout session.


Bolero powered drinks are SUGAR  FREE, GLUTEN FREE and does not have any GMOs. Also it’s very low in carbohydrates, uniquely ideal for those on a diet and trying to be in better physical condition.

Bolero uses STERVIA as its sweetener instead of sugar that’s why we say it’s sugar free. Stervia is a purified sweetener often used as sugar substitute that is extracted from leaves of a plant called STERVIA REBAUDIANA. It has been used widely as a sweetener for decades around the world much in the same way Americans use granulated sugar.

I can go on and on and on but still there’s  so much to talk about as far as the almighty “BOLERO” is concerned.

Anyway I’ve really tried and tested it all from one flavor to the other and discovered so much for myself.

We’ll  I guess it’s time for you to also give it a try and see for yourself too.

Don’t be told because you’re likely to discover something greater and much rewarding than what I’ve been able to achieve so far.

Give it a try today. Contact BOLERO office in Accra now by dialing 0503848305/0277552284.

To place your order in  Koforidua(Eastern Region), just call 0249787548 for quick delivery to your doorstep.

In Accra, Bolero Ghana’s office is located at Haatso, Atomic Road, opposite PUMA FUEL STATION.

Buy in bulk or even become a Distributor today and earn more rewards for yourself.

“BOLERO” – “Refresh Inner Self”.




By Joseph Wemakor/Ghananewsone.com


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