Home Feature Bringing life & hope to underprivileged children in the society;story of Rita Esionam Garglo

Bringing life & hope to underprivileged children in the society;story of Rita Esionam Garglo


It is sad to see children roaming aimlessly on the streets every now and then instead of being in school.

Some of them are often found selling sachet iced water in traffic jams recklessly crossing the streets. Majority of these children do not even have a descent place of accommodation and have to sleep on the streets at the mercy of the weather during night thus exposed to all kinds of dangers. Usually, parents of these children complain of lack of money to send them to school. They can’t provide school uniforms, books, school fees and other school needs, they claimed.

It is no doubt therefore that the future of these children are already jeopardized and as a result society will suffer in the long run as majority of these children will end up becoming misfits in our society. Some will eventually turn to armed robbers, pick pocketing thieves, fraudsters among others whose activities become a threat to innocent people in the society.
In the search for a saviour to this unfortunate development, we chanced upon the Chief Executive Officer of No Limits Charity Organization, an non-profit organization in Accra recently. In an interview, Ms Rita Esionam Garglo told Ghananewsone.com about the social intervention her organization is using to help address the situation. No Limits Organization supports the education, personal development and well being of the poor and vulnerable children in James Town and other deprived communities in Accra.
Ms Garglo explained that the organization’s vision is to support these vulnerable children to become future heroes and to inculcate into them the habit of reading as well to empower teenage girls through vocational skill training.
She said her organization is reducing the rate of children school drop outs in poor, needy and underprivileged communities in Accra by paying their admission fees, school fees, and also provide uniforms, bags, shoes, exercise and text books.
In terms of monitoring, she noted that her team visits their various schools to assess and ensure their regular attendance and performance.

She said they also regularly visit them in their homes to appraise their behavior trends and character traits so as to appropriately guide, advice and counsel them.

According to her, one of her outfits priorities as an organization is to bring out hidden potentials. For this, No Limits has trained young persons in James Town communities in photography skills to produce beautiful pictures to raise funds to support the underprivileged children in the society. Photos were printed out and exhibited and sold to raise funds for their educational needs.
The organization is in partnership with Young At Heart who have volunteered to help train some of the kids in Information Technology(IT).

She did not forget about the reading clubs that her organization has formed and told Ghananewsone.com the clubs help the kids in James Town and its environs to read and write. Annually, Ms Garglo said her organization feeds some needy kids in the community to put a smile on their faces.
“Last year in December, we fed 750 poor kids and this year, we will feed 1000 kids. We are currently supporting the education of 20 children of whom one is in the Polytechnic, 2 in Secondary school, while the remaining are in Basic schools in the country” she concluded.




Source:Ghananewsone.com/ Kojo Aidoo


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