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Oblogo residents panic over land guards attack


Residents of Oblogo, a suburb of Accra in the Ga South constituency are under threat by the activities of land guards who operate within the area.

A resident (name withheld) told a member of journalists In Development (JID) in an interview that land guards sell parcels of land belonging to people. Sometimes, they go to the extent of selling the frontage of other
people’s houses for their victims to build stores or as a place for their containers.

A resident who granted interview to JID on anonymity shared a similar experience; she said an innocent woman was sold a frontage of someone’s house to a business woman to build a store. Unknown to her, she put up a beautiful store. Just after the last touch of the finishing, the owner of the house came. When the owner asked the “store developer” the right of ownership, she brought out receipts and some documents suggesting she owned the the place. According to her, the issue nearly turned physical, drawing the attention of the police. The business woman eventually lost the case. She had to comb the entire community to find the land guard who sold her that parcel of land but to no avail.

Another resident who spoke on anonymity told JID that land guards who come to the area often attack people working at construction sites, beat them up and seize their tools, and until the people pay a certain fee, the land guards would not leave. He added that even weeding or painting one’s own property attracts fees from these land guards.

According to him, failure to pay the fee has often resulted in a serious confusion.

The Gyase Kye of Oblogo, Nii Aryee Laryea revealed some more of the illegal activities taking place by land guards in the area. He told the JID reporter in an interview that land guards suspected to come from Weija, a community next door, have become a threat to the people of Oblogo for many years now. According to him, the land guards without any cause, attack residents of Oblogo with guns and machetes, claiming ownership of properties which do not in actual fact belong to them. On funeral occasions, “they get down from their vehicles at the beginning of Oblogo town, and with gun shots, they move through the town wielding dangerous weapons – guns, machete, knifes, sticks, etc attacking innocent people going about their normal duties” he said.

According to him, these law breakers obstruct movement of vehicles and every other person they meet on their way, thus causing fear and panic in the entire Oblogo community.

The Gyase Kye maintained that all these actions are done to provoke the people of Oblogo to take revenge.

Asked whether the case has been reported to the police, the Gyase Kye said the case has been reported to the police on several occasions, but anytime the land guards get hint of the police, they vanish into thin air.

The man recounted the number of times elders of Oblogo have tried to remain calm in the face of all the provocations from the Weija land guards.

He declared that Oblogo lands belong to the Oblogo people and not the people of Weija.

He challenged anyone who has an issue having to do with land to go to court for redress. He called on the authorities to take immediate steps to forestall any possible clashes between the two communities.

A principal Elder of Gbawe Kwatei Family ( overlords of Oblogo ), Nii Laryea Quartey who spoke to JID in an interview confirmed reports about the disturbances of land guards from Weija, but noted that in the interest of peace and stability, elders of the family, have admonished the leadership and residents of Oblogo not to revenge the attacks of the land guards.

He called for the use of dialogue in solving problems rather than resorting to the use of weapons.




Source: Kojo Aidoo


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