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Support children to develop talents in drawing-GTUC Director told parents


The Director of the Kumasi Campus of the Ghana Technology University College (GTUC), Mr. Yaw Ofori Amanfo has called on all parents and guardians in the country to support their wards in every way possible to develop and unearth their talents in drawing.

This according to him will help prepare them ahead of time to excel in art shows or competitions in the near future.

“There are master artists with so many inborn talents. We need to help our children develop their talents, abilities and capabilities so that whenever there’s art shows or competitions, they can excel”.

He was speaking at the launch of a book titled “My pen, my statement”; a book on drawings and paintings.

“My pen, my statement” is a 150 paged master book of great arts and illustrations created using pen which seeks to educate students on the fundamentals and rudiments of drawing to help them develop their talents to be great artists.

The book has been touted as the first book of its kind produced by a Ghanaian author and lecturer catalogued with galore of arts and designs just to teach students the fundamentals of arts and drawings even with pen.

Author of the book, Isaac K. Appiah said he was moved out of passion towards compilation of the book realising that “there are excellent professionals in the area of arts in the country but nobody has been bold enough to set down and document himself/herself in that direction”.

” So I’ve decided that let me sit down and put this together because a lot of people are going to benefit from them. Also each time I teach my students they’ve been asking me why don’t you put this things together so that we can get copies?” said the author.

Isaac Appiah also believes documenting his thoughts through illustrations, an area most people are not willing to go into is the best way of immortalizing his ideas for posterity sake.

Explaining the benefits of the book to its users, Isaac Appiah who also doubles as a lecturer from the Dept. of Publishing Studies, faculty of arts at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology(KNUST) Kumasi, disclosed the book is designed with illustrations to give meanings to its readers especially students who may find it difficult to understand certain ‘obscure’ words.

Sharing his opinion on why books should be designed with illustrations, he revealed the benefits are enormous because it brings clarity to understanding and meaning by decoding unfamiliar words. “You see, the author may be trying to bring a story but the understanding may be a little obscure but the moment you open the next page and it shows illustration on what seemed a little obscured it becomes very clear”.

He disclosed due to the immense benefits one stands a chance to gain from books that are designed with illustrations, most book publishers in the country today are looking for illustrators to work with but to no avail adding “because of computers more and more people are running away from drawing simply because their arts teachers themselves fear drawing”.

He therefore concluded by saying “So I’m doing this just to break that silence and encourage people to do drawing so we can publish more books that are understandable”.

The book comes in five chapters which teaches about observation. It is said to be able to create well you need to critically observe and develop the psychomotor from your brain through your hands. The first part sheds light on how to systematically go about creating something so when students read they can understand how it works.
The second chapter is basically centered on the theoretical teachings of the author. He actually takes them to the field and demonstrate that which is being taught in a classroom through drawing and make understand what he meant.
The 3rd chapter basically explores about other peoples intelligence helping the students to understand how others are have been able to achieve their tasks whiles the fourth chapter shares insight on the authors practice and experience highlighting demonstrations that people can make reference to.

Finally chapter 5, brings to the fore learning notes and also offer some insightful experiences from some masters within the industry just as how chapter 3 also delves into much experiences of students accounts on drawings.

The Director of the Kumasi Campus of the Ghana Technology University College (GTUC), Mr. Yaw Ofori Amanfo suggested that every home, family , individuals and schools should try and obtain a copy of the book for their wards & students so that they can learn the rudiments of drawing to become good authors in the future.






By Joseph Kobla Wemakor/Ghananewsone.com


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