Home Education This nation must change: A powerful book that empowers; enlightens readers on democratic rights and freedom launched
This nation must change: A powerful book that empowers; enlightens readers on democratic rights and freedom launched

This nation must change: A powerful book that empowers; enlightens readers on democratic rights and freedom launched

Mr. Isaac Bohulu, book author in an interview with journalists

Promotion of democratic rights, principles and freedom is a dream every citizen of any nation ought to vigorously pursue without any fear or favour but unfortunately only few does due to lack of confidence or fear of being victimized.

Undeniably, it takes only heroes to achieve such a great feat. One of such gallant hero’s who have demonstrated such a feat through writing in his recent publication titled: “This Nation Must Change- A voice from the Village” is Mr. Isaac Bohulu, a Pharmacist by profession who turned a writer and author.

The first copy of the book was sold at GH¢7,000.00 at the official launch event which took place at the plush Erata Hotel premise in Accra over the weekend.

Isaac Bohulu speaking at the launch explained he was tickled to come out with such a great piece out of fear and trepidation by the actions and inactions of a small group of people who are laying landmines; creating a time bomb and planting it within communities which will eventually cause the nation to explode anytime soon with devastating consequences if nothing concrete is done to bring in total change.

“This group is incubating a looming revolution and that revolution will be carried out not by people with guns who called themselves liberators or redeemers or revolutionalists or provisional defenders but that revolution is likely to be carried by unarmed civilians in an uncontrollable way”.
“I see this revolution on a horizon and it makes me very afraid. Indeed I’m trembled when I contemplated this scenario”. The author revealed.

The book:”This Nation Must Change- A voice from the Village” is a 439- page book which highlighted the ways in which politicians or actors in our democracy actually do damage to the best interest of the nation and well-being of citizens.

According to the author, the book is about the President, Parliament, Political Parties, District Assemblies, Citizens including the act of corruption.

It pinpointed changes that must be made to make democracy viable for our people such as diffusing the excessive power of the President by subjecting him under the authority of the state council.

Keeping political parties out of parliament and that is to eliminate the excessive politicization of that institution and making it a truly national institution and straightening institutions and political parties of much of the roles they play in national development to ensure this nation moves along on a steady path towards development.

Finally, Mr. Isaac Bohulu in his concluding remark lamented the action and the inactions of some political parties and their activists in the country which had woefully contributed to poverty and suffering of masses saying “the nation ought to change because the democracy that people fought for, went to prison for and died for has been turned into a tea party by a small group of people who belonged to organization’s with identifiable colours”.

He therefore called on all professionals in the country and Africa at large including Politicians, Parliamentarians, Judges Journalists, Police Officers, Soldiers, Lawyers, Teachers, Lawyers, Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses, Civil Society Organizations, Businessmen and Businesswomen, Engineers,Contractors, Social Workers, Accountants, Technicians, Consultants,Professors and Farmers to get copies of the book to read so as to be enlightened and empowered with the powers of democracy.





By Joseph Kobla Wemakor/GhanaNewsOne.com


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