Home headlines Desist from habit of skin bleaching- Ghanaians warned
Desist from habit of skin bleaching- Ghanaians warned

Desist from habit of skin bleaching- Ghanaians warned


The president of the Ghana Society of Dermatology, Dr. Nana Adu Akumia has cautioned all Ghanaians against the use of skin lightening products on their bodies.

According to him, both women and men in the country have cultivated the habit of using skin lightening products for bleaching their skin all in the name of “beauty and skin care”, a situation which is causing serious health problems to many Ghanaians daily.

Dr Akumia made this known in an interview with GhanaNewsOne.Com on the sidelines of a free skin care session organized by the Ghana Society of Dermatology for the inmates of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital last Friday.

Skin bleaching or whitening, according to Wikepedia is the practice of using substances, mixtures, or physical treatments to lighten skin color.

In Ghana, the act of skin bleaching has become very rampant with both men and women applying all kinds of poisonous substances in form of body creams, soaps, lotions and concoctions on their skin just to look radiant and more appealing to others.

A phenomenon which dermatologists have frown upon as a result of the dire health complications and negative impact it is having on users .

This worrying trend  has really compelled the Association to come out publicly to raise serious concern about the practice which Dr. Adu Nana himself has vividly condemned hence the caution.

Dr Nana Adu Akumia who also doubles as the CEO of Multi Clinic Medical Centre in Kumasi sternly warned that the continuation of skin bleaching has many side effects, which can cause harm to the body or the human system.

“There are so many side effects of bleaching, which causes harm to the skin, you won’t believe that, bleaching your skin can cause, skin cancer, skin burn, skin irritation, etc.”

He therefore called on all Ghanaians to eschew the practice in order to live a healthy life.

Again, he appealed to all Ghanaians to eat more fruits and vegetables for a healthy skin instead of making use of such poisonous chemicals in the name of beautiful skin enhancement products.

“You must eat more fruits and veggies for a healthier skin and you can go for check ups when you see something wrong with your skin.” he stressed.

Source:Ghananewsone.com| Joseph Wemakor|Angela Amuzu


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