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Ghanaians are dying amid high cost of living-CDG

Ghanaians are dying amid high cost of living-CDG


The Coalition for Democratic Governance (CDG)  is  appealing to the  Nana Addo led NPP Government as a matter of urgency to heed of the painful cries of the suffering masses of the  Ghanaian society and bring immediate relief.

The NPP Government prior to the 2016 election made many promises during their campaign trips. As a result of these juicy but false promises, Ghanaians believed that the NPP would quickly transform the economy to raise the living standard as cleverly promised by Dr Bawumia.

As expected, Ghanaians  voted NPP into office and Nana  Addo became President. Soon the Nana Addo euphoria died down, and the masses who were looking for better times, started counting their fingers in abject confusion and disappointment. Today, a year of NPP Government in office, the living  condition of the grassroot  is worse off than before.

In a release singed by Dr. E.K. Hayford, Chief Convener of CDG and copied to Newsghana.com.gh on 7th March, 2018, it indicated that, life under the NPP Government has become unbearable, as a result of callous, ungodly and insensitive management. Nana Addo, the so called Human Right Activist, has diverging interest which does not correspond to the interest of the suffering masses.

His incompetent and substandard Government, seeks to enrich his relatives and friends who form greater part of his appointees. Acts of deception, lies and corruption is the order of the day.

Smuggling of premix fuel across the boarder, the inflated cost ($2.5 million) of the Digital Addressing System, the bribery scandal of the two Deputy Chief of Staff, the $100,000 payment for seat next to the President are a few of the rot presently going on under Nana Addo`s watch. Indeed the masses who were optimistic that Nana Addo would bring some positive change, now have difficulty getting a good meal a day.

Life has gone so bad that :

1. Unemployed Teachers are forced to borrow, or depend on parents

2. Nurses after being granted allowances, are now jobless after completion.

3.  Market women are struggling to survive due to high price s of foodstuff.

4. Fuel prices and spare parts are high, kicking drivers out of business.

5. Parents cannot afford to pay their children’s school fees

6. Farmers are now burdened with buying fertilizers at high prices.

The regular increases in fuel price, the decision not to remove the13% Special Petroleum Tax, increases in prices of food and other commodities, are all drawing Ghanaians into poverty. Ghanaians are indeed suffering.

It is insensitive to  increase fuel price from 16GHc/g to22GHc/g  within 12 months; as a result the poor Ghanaian who could survive on 40GH a month, is now struggling to survive on GHC80.00 a month. The cry of the poor Ghanaian is noise in the ears of Nana Addo, and his Government.

Ghanaians can’t afford to pay their electricity bills. This is because electricity bills are far higher than the  average rent. Ghanaians are suffering.

The NPP Government is less caring and insensitive. Their main aim is to impose suffering on the poor tax payer. The NPP is collapsing local businesses by kind courtesy of poor economic management by Dr Bawumia, making life unbearable for many.

CDG is however, urging the general public to speak to the hardship Ghanaians are going through or else NPP Government will send Ghana back to square one.





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