Home headlines Press Release:Community & Family Aid Foundation-Ghana Global Handwashing Day 2018
Press Release:Community & Family Aid Foundation-Ghana Global Handwashing Day 2018

Press Release:Community & Family Aid Foundation-Ghana Global Handwashing Day 2018


October 15th, 2018 –Monday

 On this special occasion, I sincerely call on all to let handwashing be central “Clean Hands – a recipe for health,” as emphasized by 2018 global theme for celebration, it’s my concern, your concern, our collective concern,  Joseph Senyo Kwashie-Executive Director At Community And Family Aid Foundation –Ghana has said.

Ghana’s National event will be held at the Agbogboloshie Market here in Accra at 9:00am, to solidify our commitment to the true cause of handwashing in Ghana and beyond.

Community And Family Aid Foundation-Ghana joins the international community in celebrating the Global Handwashing Day is on Monday October 15, 2018. 

The day is marked by worldwide celebrations, events, and advocacy campaigns.

 Hands are the leading carriers of germs that cause diarrhea and respiratory infections like pneumonia. Handwashing at critical times – such as before a meal or after using the toilet – stops the spread of disease-causing germs. Consistent handwashing with soap reduces the incidence of diarrhea by nearly half and respiratory infections by 25% among children under 5.

Handwashing with soap is a simple, but critical, way to ensure overall health.

In 2017, more than 500 million people promoted the simple, life-saving act of handwashing with soap on Global Handwashing Day. The day was founded by the Global Handwashing Partnership in 2008 to help communities, advocates, and leaders spread the word about handwashing with soap.

 This year’s Global Handwashing Day theme, “Clean Hands – a recipe for health,” emphasizes the linkages between handwashing and food. Handwashing is an important part of keeping food safe, preventing diseases, and helping children grow strong. Yet, handwashing is not practiced as consistently or as thoroughly as it should be. Diarrheal disease limits the body’s ability to absorb nutrition from food and is a major cause of death in low resource settings. Handwashing with soap is an effective way to prevent these losses.

Critical food-related times for handwashing with soap include: before cooking or preparing food, before eating, and before feeding someone (including breastfeeding). The contamination of food can lead to a wide range of illnesses and outbreaks, many of which are particularly dangerous for young children and people with compromised immune systems.

Global Handwashing Day raises awareness of the importance of handwashing and encourages action to promote and sustain handwashing habits. Organizations and individuals can celebrate Global Handwashing Day by planning an event, participating in a digital campaign, or simply spreading the word about the importance of handwashing.

As organization we are fully committed to supporting and catalyzing efforts of making handwashing issues critical in our development agenda in Ghana. Because of this WASH and health issues building blocks of our core intervention in Ghana.

We call on stakeholders to support our cause of helping us to help extend our school WASH activities to make more inroads between 2018-2020.


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