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Ozer Onur assists deprived Ghanaians

Ozer Onur assists deprived Ghanaians


Living a meaningful life is not about being rich, popular, highly educated or being perfect.

Life is about being honest, being strong in mind, real, humble and able to reach out with a positive spirit of understanding.

This came to light after multiplicity of support was offered to 6 orphanges and 13 patients in Ghana who needed medical and logistical help.

Speaking immediately after making the donation Mr Onur Ozer the Chief Executive Officer of C.T.O international said some Ghanaians with critical illness continue to suffer because of financial challenges.

And most orphans still can’t enjoy a regular three square meal a day which mostly affects their growth.

But when Mr Onur was asked by this reporter, Leila Abdul Hamid of Guarantee Inc Media group if he is helping because it’s part of his corporate social responsibility, Mr Onur emphasis that it’s always in him to help people with disabilities and educational challenges.

Other items donated by Mr Onur to some inmates of cells and prison’s includes boxes of Frozen chicken from C.T.O international and cash. Lastly he urged Ghanaians to adopt the act of philanthropic given.


Source: Leila Abdul Hamid


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