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Depend not on material objects for protection-Christians told

Depend not on material objects for protection-Christians told


Christians have been advised not to depend on material objects for protection instead of the power of God.

The advise came from the pastor in charge of the Santa Maria branch of the Calvery Charismatic church, Pastor Thomas Quayson in an interview with Kojo Aidoo at the church office.

The pastor disclosed that many Christians have abandoned their Christian faith and are now depending on material objects such as church souvenirs which include necklaces, clothes, bracelets, stickers, among others for protection against the unforseen.

But Pastor Quayson believes othersise, and cautions that any material thing that a person believes in and worships, eventually becomes some sort of a god which leads to hell.

Asked whether Christians should not patronize church souvinirs, the pastor said, there is nothing actually wrong with using church souvenirs if it is done to identify members; however, the moment it takes the place of God, by seing it as a source of protection, then it becomes something else-dangerous because when that is done, the Christian is likely to abandon his or her Christian values and choose his or her own lifestyle because think the object has automatic protection for them.

Pastor Quayson however explained that a pastor can receive direction from God to pray over an object for a miracle. “What I am against is the practice of pastors taking advantage of innocent Christians and selling these objects to them at exorbitant prizes”, he added.

The man of God explained that the power of God is more than any other thing, and that it is able to protect us.
The man of God quoted Psalm 23: 4 -“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me”.

Again, the pastor made reference to Daniel in the bible and said while he was in the lion’s den, he had no oil from the church, he had no necklaces from any pastor, or any church souvinir, yet, God was able to protect him.

Concluding, the man of God asked pastors not to take advantage of innocent Christians, but to educate them to live a righteous life, and to depend on the power of God for protection, intead of selling material objects to them for protection.



Source:Kojo Aidoo


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