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Wave of kidnappings in Ghana and the family’s duty

Wave of kidnappings in Ghana and the family’s duty


Ghana, of late has been recording an alarming rate of kidnappings including foreign nationals such as the recently freed Indian businessman, a Lebanon consular general, an Estonian national and recently two Canadians aside citizens some of which have been found dead or their whereabouts haven’t been found.

Though the Ghana Police Service has given assurances to deal meticulously with the issue, no results of the exact location of the Takoradi girls have realized despite the numerous collection of signatures and campaigns by human rights groups.
Nowadays, groups such as the Human rights reporters Ghana (HRRG) are trying their best roaming from school to school in a bid to educate children against kidnapping and the tricks of those involved but it seemed this emerging problem is becoming a new normal in Ghana.
Worst of it all is the slow but visible crumbling of the country security and law enforcement apparatus in the form of civilian manhandling peace officers and vice versa; it looks as if the country’s security was ill prepared for phenomenon such as this. I won’t talk about our porous borders, foreigners acquiring Ghanaian passport without following due process etc . it is reserved for another time.
With the issue of kidnapping gaining unfettered routes in Ghana, my humble advice is this: parents, older siblings, extended family and even the community at large should cultivate the spirit of vigilance, protectiveness, caution and be each others keeper like it used to be on the good old days.
Mothers, Father, Aunties, Uncles, older siblings, house helps and other important family stakeholders, I beg you with all respect; the media which is the 4th estate of the realm and security agencies such as the Ghana Armed forces, Police Service, Immigration service and Customs Exercise and Preventive Service are trying their possible best but, the truth of the matter is that, they cannot do it alone and without your support. Though the police in particular have their flaws of which I fully agree with you, the family unit and communities should still help them with intelligence and information that will help nib the situation in the bud. Moreover, the family have a greater responsibility to protect and monitor their own from this trend rearing it’s ugly head. Wake up family! Wake up community! All hands on deck! Live up yo your task and Ghana will continue to be great and strong.
By: Christiana Afua Nyarko

The writer is a journalist, human rights activist and a member of Human Rights Reporters Ghana(HRRG) 


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