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Easter Bunny: best hotel deals in Accra for your perfect relaxation

Every year ends with Christmas and begins with the new year celebrations. As cliche as this may sound, there is virtually no space between the two celebrations and holiday makers just love the long periods of relaxation away from work. The time spent with family and friends on vacations and road trips is just something […]

Cheap smartphones below 500ghc #JumiaMobileWeek

Does your phone battery always run low when you need it the most? Are you just tired of your phone freezing when you open certain apps? Or has your phone repairer spent more of your money than you may have spent on a new phone? Smartphones may have become so important that they seem like […]

The unknown benefits of desserts

‘’Sweet after meals’’, that’s how we call it in Ghana. The sweet light delicacies that we take in right after our main meals. Other sources define desserts as confectionery course that concludes a main meal. The course usually consists of sweet foods, and possibly a beverage such as dessert wine or liqueur, but may include […]


The Commonwealth Africa Summit is a high level, multi-stakeholder event that annually brings together government and business leaders from the Commonwealth and allies to facilitate dialogue and action on key and relevant issues ranging from trade and investment, entrepreneurship and job creation, economic development, Security and counterterrorism, Energy and Power amongst other relevant issues in Africa. […]

Rev. Perbi bows out of MTN Ghana

Rev. Nana A. Perbi has brought down the  curtains on his glittering MTN career after 12 years and 3 months of unblemished, diligent and unrivalled commitment to service. The success story of MTN Ghana, the biggest telecommunications network giant in Ghana cannot be written without such a towering gentleman. Starting off from the Warehouse & […]

All road leads to “Black Friday” on Jumia.com

  Have you ever felt special, three weeks before Christmas? Probably you have; but if you haven’t? then watch out for this year’s biggest event-  JUMIA’s Black Friday; Because, you are about to be pampered to an exciting discounted shopping of your life that will leave memories lingering. What is Black Friday? Black Friday is […]

Life Below Water: Saving Africa’s Fishery Resources

The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14 aims to promote the conservation and the sustainable use of oceans, seas and marine resources for development. One of the most important water-dependent sectors is the fishery sector, which makes an important contribution to food security globally. For instance, in Africa, fish provides a lot of people with most […]

Proliferation of Nigerian Banks into Ghana worrying

The issue of ECOWAS and the promising nature of the Ghanaian economy had caught the attention of Nigerians to direct their capital to Ghana especially to the Banking sector.One major factor which has made this possible was the relatively high minimum capital requirement needed to invest in the banking sector in Nigeria. Since it was […]

Spotlight on Ghana’s Education Sector: How did Girls Education Unit of GES performed 20 years down the line?

Education is key in guaranteeing a better future for children not only in Ghana but the whole worldwide.  Believed to be a major tool for eradicating poverty and preventing ignorance among citizens,education has played a significant role in shaping the lives of many people around the world. Undoubtedly, Governments across the world have channeled a lot of resources […]

Africa Rising: More reasons to not fight – Wesley Owusu

     Two heavyweight African countries have again demonstrated the typical nature of the people of this continent.   They have shown that they are, by default, a peace loving people who are capable of resolving their differences amicably through dialogue and diplomacy. The willingness and strong desire by both countries to peacefully resolve the maritime boundary dispute […]