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As a student my plea in the recent happenings and developments on campus is to call for immediate solutions to the countless grievances on campus and resumption of smooth academic activities with no hitches. And that should be the wish of the government and all stakeholders including my fellow students. I am tired of the […]

AJnewsonline.com Congratulates Joseph Kobla Wemakor on His Selection Among top 18 African Reporters

Ajnewsonline.com congratulates Joseph Kobla Wemakor, an astute journo, on his selection among top 18 African Business journalists to represent Ghana in Casablanca, Morocco. We are highly elated by the strides you are making in the media industry, and are believing greater achievements to come. We believe in you and are happy for how you are […]

Epilepsy in Ghana: Let’s collaborate, crusade and fight it till end

“Before I got married to my wife 11 years ago, I’ve heard people telling me all kinds of nasty things. Not to talk about the discouragement I even got from my church leaders. But I said to myself, since I’m even called Thomas, I’ll try and play the doubting Thomas in the Bible just to doubt […]

Backing CoPASH to deliver on its mandate: A giant step towards helping Ghana achieve SDG5

The gargantuan rise in violence being perpetrated against our women and girls in Ghana today coupled with the inability of victims to get justice and support are indeed a great cause of worry, giving a strong caveat that something radical ought to be done urgently else Ghana is likely to miss out on achieving the […]

Escaping forced marriage to ‘meet’ rape; the pathetic story of 12-year-old Ubaida

Her dream of becoming a professional nurse in the near future who could lend her support to doctors in a bid to provide adequate healthcare services to patients in the hospital became shattered from the very first day her parents decided to give her hand forcefully in marriage at a tender age of 12 due […]

Ending woes of Kayayei in Ghana: A fight we must all strive to win

“A Kayayei reported to my office and within three weeks she died just because her parents had put pressure on her to abort a pregnancy she was carrying for a man whom she was not legally married to. They warned her, if she ever made the mistake of keeping the pregnancy, she will regret for […]

Top 5 local food restaurants in Accra you didn’t know

Restaurants! A place where we often go to attend to a very important call from nature. Food is good and essential to human existence. What we eat and where we eat from are two very important factors that we should always pay close attention to. In Ghana many people still love their local meals although […]

WOW! Smartphones can now feed us!

HUNGRY? Just pull out your phone! Give it a few taps, wait a while and food is served! How easy and convenient. Once upon a time, you needed to prepare breakfast, lunch or supper always if you wanted to avoid buying from the streets. This was time consuming and energy sapping for many corporate businessmen […]

KABA, Ekosii Sen?

If death was an orchestra, we will be cheering you by now because you left when the applause was loudest. But death is death! Cruel and heartless and when you die when the applause is loudest the void you leave in the hearts and minds of your loved ones becomes a gorge, difficult to fill. […]

The Ghanaian new graduate should be blamed for his unemployed situation

Guess What? Another national service period is about ending! And what next? Well, your prediction is right; aside the 91,871 new service personnel who are ready to start their service from September 1, over 70,000 new graduates will be released into the Ghanaian economy by end of July! Adding on to the existing thousands of […]