JAPAN: Manufacturers of high engine vehicles, but users of lesser ones; a lesson for Africa or mere thriftness?

For the world outside of Asia, Japan is known for many things, namely: 1. Culture; which is exhibited through through the popular tea ceremony, kimono outfits, ninjas and many stone gardens. 2. Creative Arts; rooted in Ikebana – flower arrangement. 3. Cuisine; popularly represented worldwide with Sushi. 4. Technology; through the production of cars as […]

The raincoat wearing dog, my thoughts…

I remember somewhere in May 2019 when I applied to work some part time at the food packaging sector of 7-ELEVEN; (a convenient store in Japan), the second question my employer to be, asked me was, “how will you get to the JR line then when it rains since your means of transport is a […]

The day some nine old drew me as a hobby

The 2 hours I spent with some 9 old women at the Kurara Art Center in Higashihiroshimashi on the 10th of August will forever linger as memory and it will be a cue I will always learn from, but most importantly practice to do with my friends in my old age. The gaze on their […]

When the hospital was a library and the sick read!

Ever heard of the saying, “reading maketh a man?” Well maybe at Kato kids clinic in Japan, not only does reading make a man but certainly it will heal the sick too. A comparatively common spectacle is when adults read when riding on buses, trains and aeroplanes probably because the journey is long and it […]

How the Japanese “Tatami mat” culture translates into their cleanliness

Cleanliness, it is said is next to Godliness among many tongues and faiths, though I struggle to see how that view is practiced in my home country Ghana; a nation with more than 70% of her population professing to worshiping a clean Omnipotent God, yet we do otherwise as if the Omnipotent God we serve […]

Protecting rights of children in conflict with the law: the role of LRC in ensuring smooth juvenile justice system

In a country where implementing children’s rights in general remains a major challenge, the idea of according rights to children in conflict with the law can be a formidable task. With too many other children’s problems to deal with such as the millions of street children and child labourers, female circumcision, and sexual violence against […]

MTN Hitmaker Contestant Qwesi Ishe, Wins the heart of Ghanaian Artistes

An emerging star in the ongoing MTN Hitmaker season 8, Qwesi Ishe yesterday took both judges and audience by storm when he performed Akwaboah’s “Mesan agye wo”. The young lad from the look of things has won the heart of most Ghanaian artiste including Akwaboah and Prince Bright of Buk Bak fame with his exhilarating […]

“Practising of art learnt or a deliberate attempt to strengthen the love bond?”

It was a Sunday, during the late afternoon hours, as I paused momentarily from my cooking chore to spy on my playing boys, this beautiful but rather unusual scene from where I had come from as a Ghanaian caught my eye. A husband in his mid forties sat comfortably as his middle aged wife, gave […]


The look on my face when I put the money on the tray was one that suggested I had had a poor reception judging from where I came from. Back home in my home country Ghana, it was courteous a way and even prestigious to receive money with hands after a deal has been completed; […]

My beard carries more germs than a dog’s fur

“Why do I grow beard, because am neither a woman nor a child”?  My market experience this time around got me seeing an innocent gentleman being mistaken for a thief. I overheard  a desperate scream coming from the crowded market ahead of me, so I watched keenly to understand why the scream and what was […]